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Learning to like healthy foods

Learning to like healthy foods

What if Your Child Refuses to Eat New (Healthy) Foods?

Research shows that you may need to try a new food up to ten times before you can really decide if you like it or not. So if at first you or your children hate every vegetable on the plate,
It’s a normal reaction. You have to commit to serving each new food ten times before making an accurate judgment. Here’s a deal you can make with your children: they have to try a new food 10 times before they can say they don’t like it. But keep in mind it has to be 10 different times, not 10 bites at the same meal. If they still don’t like it after they’ve tried it ten times, then they don’t have to try it again for another few months. You can keep a chart to show how many times they’ve tried each food. And it works for grown-ups too!